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Learn How To Manage Your Mother From Another Culture

We children of immigrants (even as adults) have a lot of questions about our mothers from another culture. Why can’t she just… fill in the blank?

Does any of this sound like something you’ve thought?

  • She’s so pushy! She’s so overbearing!

  • I tell her that's HER idea of success, not mine.

  • If it were up to her, I would’ve been a doctor or a lawyer (and maybe you are). 

  • She’s still telling me about how the neighbors’ kids are so successful. She asks why am I not like that?

  • I still don’t think she knows what I do. 

  • I love my mom, but there’s something missing between us.

  • If she were American, she would surely be more supportive, less needy, etc.

You feel anxious when you see her calling. You wonder which of your buttons she’s going to push today. 

You love her, of course, because she’s your mother. If she could just think differently and do things differently, you could like her more. 

You feel guilty about wanting to create some boundaries around your relationship. 

If any of this sounds familiar, this program of 3 coaching sessions (45 minutes each) are for you!