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Allyship In Leadership Masterclass Series

How To Be A Better Ally To Women of Color At Work

Do you want to attract and keep diverse talent, improve employee engagement and create a more inclusive and equitable workplace?

  • Corporations identified as more diverse and inclusive are 35% more likely to outperform their competitors. (McKinsey)

  • Diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture new markets. (HBR)

  • Diverse teams are 87% better at making decisions. (People Management)

  • Diverse management teams lead to 19% higher revenue. (BCG)

All Hands In

Why Allyship In Leadership

Allyship makes us better leaders and strengthens the workplace. To learn the skill of becoming an ally is to create a more human-centered workplace culture.


Allyship is an attitude and a practice. It requires empathy, reframing of current thinking, self-compassion and action.

The practice of allyship contributes more meaningfully to a truly inclusive workplace, and ultimately a more equitable and safer workplace for individuals and for the organizations that demonstrate it.

What You'll Learn


Relate to Workplace Culture

  • Gain a deep understanding of your personal “why” allyship is important to you and to your organization


Navigate Barriers

  • Learn common DEI concepts and apply equity frameworks in the workplace

  • Identify strategies to navigate potential blocks and barriers to engaging in active allyship work


Action Plan Development

  • Go from awareness to action

  • Develop strategies to connect with co-workers of diverse backgrounds in a virtual work environment

  • Create and implement a personalized allyship action plan

  • Get guidance throughout the implementation process

Who We Are

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Paula is an exceptional partner and facilitator. I had the pleasure of hiring Paula for a recent series of guided discussions among non-profit leaders as part of a broader research project. She played a key role in helping plan the structure of the conversations and did a stellar job ensuring

all participants shared their perspectives and were wholly engaged. Her level of professionalism gave me complete peace of mind that we had the right resource in place, and our end client was delighted with the caliber of facilitation she brought to the table.

Laura Troyani


Paula Rosecky is a facilitator and certified leadership coach who helps people with an immigrant experience define and create their own success. She brings 15+ years of client-side, service-side and international business strategy know-how, including U.S. multi-cultural research experience. She is a trained Positive Intelligence coach and regularly facilitates group coaching programs and curated, facilitated experiences.

Emily R. Williams is a DEI expert supporting women of color to overcome microaggressions and experience psychological safety at work. She has worked in more than 20 countries to further equity and inclusion. With a background in labor and human rights, Emily advises corporate leaders on the practices and mindsets required to build truly diverse and inclusive organizations.

Emily is an insightful, compassionate, and visionary leader. She combines her global experience building DEI initiatives with a warm, positive, and collaborative approach to organizational change. Emily is a strategic thinker with a deep commitment to gender and racial equity. She has a unique ability to engage individuals from widely varied backgrounds and experiences to build effective relationships and inclusive workplace cultures. It was wonderful to work with Emily, and I highly recommend her as a leader, consultant, and strategic partner for your organization.

M. Travis

What We Offer

Offerings are dependent on your leadership and DEI needs and start at $3,000.

Examples of programs we offer include, but are not exclusive to, 3 x 2 hour group sessions over 3 weeks or 3 x 2 hour group sessions over 6 weeks with individual coaching in between.

We will customize our program based on your organization's objectives, length of the engagement and group size.

To learn more about our programs and the value it will bring to your organization, click the button below or contact us at to schedule time to discuss your needs.

What You'll Learn

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