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Paula Rosecky Life Coach, Seattle, WA

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Paula Rosecky Life Coach, Seattle, WA

As your cross-cultural facilitator and coach, I help your organization create the environment, processes and mindset to be empathetic to your team's needs, while also maintaining productivity and connection. 

PAULA ROSECKY is a certified life coach specializing in allyship, cross-cultural issues and leadership coaching. She has an MBA through RIT in a program through the US Business School in Prague. She is a certified coach through The Life Coach School, trained in Emotional Intelligence and has over 20 years experience in conusmer research and human behavioral science.



on Voltage Control's "Control The Room" podcast

Episode 61: Cultivating Cross-cultural Belonging



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Working with Paula has brought me clarity. Paula provided powerful tools to help me uncover what was holding me back, then worked with me to create an efficient game plan to achieve my goals. In fact, one 45-minute session with Paula propelled me way beyond what I saw after three sessions with my counselor! I highly recommend Paula for anyone who is seriously ready for change. Be ready to work and she will help you reach your goals! 


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