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Paula Rosecky Life Coach, Seattle, WA

I help leaders in small and medium-sized businesses become more effective in culturally diverse workplaces.

I provide a safe space to discuss pressing and emerging issues at work. 

Specifically, I help you:

  • Isolate the facts from your beliefs about the situation, yourself or others

  • Watch more closely what your brain is telling you

  • Uncover biases that may be impacting your perspectives and figure out what to do about it

  • Notice how you feel and process your emotions fully and know when it's appropriate

  • Create strategies to be more culturally responsive and intentional in your actions

  • Align your action with your personal values and those of your company or organization


In other words, I clearly reflect to you what I hear and see with no judgment so you can communicate more effectively, create more engaging and productive relationships, and create processes that are inclusive and equitable.

8-session minimum coaching programs offered.

Paula helped me see how taking on another project from a new client abroad was not really what I wanted to do. I just thought I had to do it because it came my way and I thought it would be easy.

I see now that I really didn't have to take it on. We talked through a decision framework that I can use for the next time a project comes my way that I'm unsure about.


I didn't even realize that I could've been more open to other candidates for this new position. I'm not sure I would've changed my decision, because I think I have a great new employee. But, I will take more specific steps to be more conscious of  biases the next time I hire.


I was always insecure about how people saw me being an immigrant, having an accent. I thought people thought I was dumb. Going into a meeting I thought people thought I had to prove  myself. Now I know I create these stories. I can go into a meeting now and just be aware of this and how I think people are going to see me.


Paula helped me separate my emotions from the task at hand and not let my emotions get the best of me when applying for a new role in my company. She helped me get to the core of what is important and take steps to meet my goals. The work was digestible, not overwhelming. It helped me keep on my path with momentum.


wanted something other than therapy because I knew I needed some tough love. I found her approach to be much more beneficial. When Paula said that I was reacting in an emotionally childish way to something at work I laughed, because I know it's true.


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