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Paula Rosecky Life Coach, Seattle, WA

5 things - the Model that can change your life

As a long-time researcher, I'm trained to look at consumers' perceptions and feelings about products and services to better understand purchase decisions.

This tool takes similar concepts used to assess consumer behavior and apply them to making change in our own lives. We can breakdown everything into 5 categories: circumstances, thoughts, feelings, actions, and results.

Circumstances are the facts of a situation, known or proven to be true.

Thoughts are the interpretations, beliefs, opinions, and ideas about the facts.

Thoughts create a feeling, or a vibration in your body.

This feeling, or a promise of a feeling, drives an action (or lack of action).

This feeling drives you to take action (or inaction).

A result is the effect of your action and will always be evidence for the thought you're thinking.

If you apply this Model to looking at yourself, you can change anything in your life.

Pick a circumstance in your life you feel negatively about. What is your thought that causes you to feel negatively? I'd love to hear about it.

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