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What Would Your Note From The Future Say?

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Today I got a note from

One year ago today I became a certified life coach and wrote myself a note to be delivered today.

In this note from my past

self to myself today I said,

“You have created your life on your own terms. You are a talented coach and facilitator.

You are resourceful, doing what you know, and getting help where you need it.

You are much more visible and confident than one year ago.

You have helped make a more inclusive world.

You have impacted so many people already, helping over 100 people change their lives.

You are making as much money as you need to have freedom, be generous, save for your future, and support those who help you.

You take ample time to self-reflect and you re-generate in the outdoors with loved ones.

You have plenty of time to create the next version of you.

I love you and who you've become so far.”

What’s amazing is that all of it has come true.

Becoming a coach was a 15-year dream that I kept putting off.

I went about my regular business (which I do love BTW), but this long-time dream stayed on the back burner until I lost both my parents.

Then I decided… It was time to get on it!

Now, I didn’t NEED a certification!

I had been coaching for years in my job, obsessed with the latest personal development workshops and business books.

BUT, I wanted to equip myself with a set of powerful tools that could really help others.

I wanted to formalize the craft for myself. It was something I really, really wanted.

💃 So, here I am celebrating a long-time dream. On an ordinary Wednesday.

What might your note one year from the future say?

PS. If in your note, you mention improving your relationship with your mom, sign up for my 3-session coaching package designed to help you with your relationship. DM me for details.

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